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When starting out on your journey to learning Spanish in Medellin and/or Colombia, it is difficult to know where to start, but we try to make it as simple as possible. We set up our school almost 10 years ago to help people learn Spanish in Medellin and experience Colombian culture firsthand. Now though we are able to offer you our modules online while you travel where you wish in Colombia. We will support you with your student visa application in Colombia so that the process is as easy as possible for you.  

We ensure our students master the language with in-depth modules that will bring your Spanish learning experience to life. Our Spanish school in Medellin is fully accredited and approved by the Ministry of Education Colombia so that both your learning experience and student visa application process are as thorough and simple as possible. We have a combined teaching experience of over 50 years in our school and we are deeply immersed in Colombian culture (so much so that we recently set up a Coffee business as our family runs a plantation) thus we will be able to help you to enjoy your time here with recommended tours and things to do whilst you learn Spanish in Colombia.


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Student Visa Colombia

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Our students are the best reference!

Student visa Colombia


Great school that can help you get your student visa. I applied for 1 year and I got a visa for a full year. Other agencies told me it’s impossible and only universities can grant me a visa for 1 year but I did it anyway with El Dorado and I was successful. You can rely on them 100%

Students visa Colombia

Cia Cortinas-Rood

I had such an amazing time at the Spanish retreat this past week. El Dorado is truly a special language center.

Students visa Colombia

Joe Rooger

I love coming to class. The atmosphere is relaxed and the learning is natural, the way it should be. I would highly recommend this language school. I have sen big improvements in my skills.

Students visa Colombia


Me parece bien. me gusta mucho por que las clases son con profesores interesantes y diferente de otras escuelas. Los profesores son profesionales y abiertos a todas las preguntas. La recomiendo !

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Students visa Colombia


Aprendi espanol en la escuela 🙂 Y la ventaja mas grande de aprender espanol en la escuela es que uno aprende muy rapido a comunicarse 🙂 Cuando he viajado a Espana todos me han preguntado como le habia hecho para hablar tan bien espanol y todo eso se lo agradezco a la escuela El Dorado 🙂 Es por eso que la recomiendo 🙂


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