Spanish for Businesses

Doing Business in Colombia? Make sure you are well-informed from the get go!

Our Business Spanish courses are designed to take you inside the Latin American market. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to understand Colombian Businesses, as well as how to effectively communicate with your clients and future business partners.


Learn Business Spanish

  • We can help business professionals develop Spanish communication skills such as: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Everything that you will need to successfully establish a business or carry out a business deal in Colombia.
  • The material used in our Business Spanish classes is a combination of various methods tested in the European school system. These resources put students in context with real life situations.
  • Students practice business presentations and partake in professional discussions from the very beginning.
  • Learn how to speak and write conversational and professional Spanish
  • Flexible locations: take classes at our school or we can come to you
  • Never miss a class while traveling with online classes
  • Learn about the Spanish language, the Colombian culture, people and places
  • Practice business Spanish through a wide range of real life situations that ensures you will acquire the skills needed to interact with clients in Colombia

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