Colombia – Your Perfect Study Destination

  • Students visa ColombiaVisiting some enchanting cities and little towns like Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Guatapé, or Salento.
  • Admiring wonders of nature, such as the paramo ecosystem in Chingaza National Park, Chicaque Cloud Forest, Tayrona National Park where the jungle meets the Caribbean Sea, sand dunes in Punta Gallinas, giant palm trees in the Cocora Valley, or a starlit sky in the Tatacoa Desert.
  • You can also go snorkeling, paragliding, learn to dance salsa and cumbia, and much more.
  • Hiking in the Lost City near Santa María. La Ciudad Perdida is the most significant pre-Colombian archaeological site in Colombia. If you are an experienced backpacker, a four-day trek to the Lost City will be a great test of your fitness and endurance; if you are an amateur, there are five- or six-day treks available so you can enjoy hiking at a slower pace.
  • Students visa ColombiaVisiting a coffee farm. Colombia is the third-largest coffee producer in the world. The country is especially famous for high-quality Arabica coffee. Whether you are a coffee lover or not, there is so much to learn about coffee that a trip to a coffee farm is a must while you’re in Colombia.
  • Experiencing the Barranquilla Carnival. It is the second biggest carnival in Latin America and it is a great place to experience Colombian folklore.
  • Watching the migration of humpback whales to Colombia’s Pacific coast, or sloths and pink river dolphins in the Amazon.
  • Trying mouth-watering local cuisine, including arepas, empanadas, and chicharrones.

One of the best cities to stay in is Medellin. It is a perfect place for everyone: regular tourists, students, expats, and digital nomads. It is full of cafés and other coworking spaces, and the Internet speed is great. It has dozens of parks and plazas, too, including the sculpture-filled Plaza Botero. Medellin is also home to many reggaeton artists, like J. Balvin and Maluma. The city is surrounded by mountains which makes it a great spot for hiking. It is also a perfect base to explore the world-famous coffee region.

Apart from all these amazing things to see and do, another great thing about Colombia is the fact that the cost of living in Colombia is significantly lower than in Europe, Canada, or the USA. It is also still quite attractive for students from Latin American countries. Staying in the country and enjoying what it has to offer outside of the classroom is viable for students from all over the globe.

And Colombia’s currency will make you feel like a millionaire – you’ll spend 20,000 COP on dinner and pay millions for rent (while in fact, it is not a lot of money… 1,000,000 COP is only around $265 USD!).

Moreover, since Colombia is a Spanish-speaking country, you will get a lot of opportunities to learn and practice your Spanish. Many schools are offering attractive and affordable Spanish courses. Medellin is one of the best destinations you could choose. And remember:

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language for international communication, so learning it will open up many amazing career opportunities for you.


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