Student Visa 6 Modules

This is 6 modules which allows you to apply for student visa in Colombia. for one year

Notice: The purchase of these Sessions do not guarantee that you will get the Visa, but this is one of the steps required by the ministry of foreign affairs in Colombia.






Students visa Colombia

El Dorado Spanish School is proud to offer a certified and registered Spanish program in the Ministry of Colombian education which means you can obtain a student visa when you study Spanish at El Dorado. We only offer the students visa to students who want to stay in Colombia for more than 180 days.

Below we present the duration of the levels of our program taking into account the hours offered by our language center. The program has the following duration by classes, distributed from Monday to Saturday, from 8 in the morning to 9 at night, with an intensity of 7 classes per day.

In other words, the level A1 has a duration of 160 hours, each class lasts 45 minutes, level A2 has a duration of 160 hours, then level B1 has a duration of 160 classes and level B2 has a duration of 160 hours, finally level C1 has a duration of 160 hours. In total, our program lasts 700 classes, that is, 14 months for a student who starts from level A1 to level C1.

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