GROCERY SHOPPING CHALLENGE – How to Bargain in Colombia

I have a little grocery/language challenge for everyone who is learning Spanish!

Probably you all have already noticed that in Colombia (as well as in many other parts of the world) tourist are usually the ones who get to pay more than locals. It might be a bit frustrating when going on the same boat trip and being given the same service as everyone else you have to pay more. You might say that it is still ok, because the price you pay is anyway cheap/affordable for you, but why don’t you choose on your own if you want to overpay something?

So here are the some tips how to avoid it and “defend” yourself!

  • First of all learn more about the prices. It’s good to know what is the lowest price you can get.
  • Second of all – practice! Learn some vocabulary that’ll help you get what you want.
  • Start with a small talk First – make sure that you combine your words with the culture. Do it Colombian way with a smile. As you know Colombians are very friendly and you might actually have a lot of fun bargaining.
  • Avoid speaking English. There is a false conception that all Gringos are rich
  • Balance between hard negotiation and showing interest. You should show that you want something badly, but on the other hand don’t even start bargaining if you are not willing to buy.

So here is the plan, but without too many details?!

You are going to have a certain amount of money, and a shopping list with items you have to get. Working in small groups you will have to buy in local shops as many grocery products as possible. Use your bargain skills and accomplish the task in 1 hour. There is a surprise for a winning group!

  • WHEN? Monday the 4th February
  • WHAT TIME? 5:30-7:30 PM (We are meeting at 5 give you more details)
  • WHERE? El Dorado Spanish School (Calle 30 sur # 43a- 51 Envigado-Antioquia) Find us here
  • HOW TO TAKE PART? Sign up by WhatsApp/Fb/telephone/e-mail/in person
  • HOW MUCH? $ 10 000 (EL DORADO STUDENTS gratis?)

FIND out more about our weekly activities: or FB


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